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Zucchini Noodles

Get creative in the kitchen by using zucchini to make delicious noodles. Great for anyone following a diet low in protein.

Pancakes with Mixed Berries

Breakfast made easy (and delicious) with this simple pancake recipe. It is a breakfast that cannot be beat.

Basil Pesto Pasta

Basic homemade pesto combined with Loprofin Spaghetti and vegetables creates a savory, salty dinner dish.

Acorn Squash

A crisp fall day is a great time to try this colorful and savory dish. Alert: it may be a new Thanksgiving meal tradition.

Cauliflower & Zucchini Topping

One great recipe with three great ways to enjoy it. Serve over low protein rice, over greens or as a taco.

Cauliflower Spring Rolls

A fun, hand-held appetizer or entree that is low in protein, but big on taste.

Asian Napa Cabbage Wraps

Napa cabbage makes a great wrap alternative. These wraps taste great and are always a hit.

BBQ Jackfruit Sliders

Low protein BBQ is possible thanks to jackfruit! This jackfruit filling also works well with Loprofin Rice or inside a low protein taco shell.

Penne a la Norma

This dish is named after the famous opera, Norma, composed by Bellini from Catania in Sicily.

Zucchini Mushroom Cannelloni

This is a classic Italian dish. The nutmeg gives a gorgeous flavor. 

Tagliatelle with Eggplant Balls

These eggplant balls are light, full of flavor and absolutely addictive. 

Spaghetti Tossed with Garlic & Oil

This recipe is something really special: a perfectly scented, garlic and chili-infused extra virgin oil wrapped around al dente pasta. 

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