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Full product details including nutrition information, ingredients, mixing instructions, dilutions and more available by disorder and product. View or download below.

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Send samples directly to your patient or request product samples for the metabolic clinic.

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Nutricia Navigator

Formula coverage & product access assistance – Free service for patients. Our experts will help your patients navigate the complexities of insurance coverage and product access. Sample letters of medical necessity per disorder can also be found on the Navigator page.

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Nutricia Learning Center (NLC)

Your trusted partner for providing comprehensive educational resources for healthcare professionals managing patients with special nutritional needs.

  • Continuing education for RDs and RNs
  • Case studies including peer-to-peer examples using Nutricia products
  • Clinically based guidelines for the use of Nutricia Metabolic products
  • Useful tools for your clinical practice
  • Resources for patients

Full product details

PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA Download
PhenylAde® GMP READY Download
PhenylAde® GMP Drink Mix Download
PhenylAde® GMP Mix-In Download
PKU Periflex® Early Years Download
PKU Periflex® Junior Plus Download
PKU Periflex® Advance Download
Periflex® LQ Download
PhenylAde® Essential Drink Mix Download
PhenylAde®60 Drink Mix Download
PKU Lophlex® LQ Download
PKU Lophlex® Powder Download
PhenylAde® MTE Amino Acid Blend Download
PhenylAde® PheBLOC™ Download
Phlexy-10® Tablets Download
PKU Maxamum® Download
Phlexy-10® Drink Mix Download






GA-1 Anamix® Early Years Download
GlutarAde® Essential Download
GlutarAde® Amino Acid Blend Download


HCU Anamix® Early Years Download
HCU Anamix® Next Download
HCU Lophlex® LQ Download
HCU Maxamum® Download


IVA Anamix® Early Years Download
IVA Anamix® Next Download
IVA Maxamum® Download


Monogen® Download
Liquigen® Download


MSUD Anamix® Early Years Download
Complex MSD® Essential Download
Complex MSD® Amino Acid Blend Download
MSUD Lophlex® LQ Download
MSUD Maxamum® Download




MMA/PA Anamix® Early Years Download
MMA/PA Anamix® Next Download
MMA/PA Maxamum® Download
SOD Anamix® Early Years Download


TYR Anamix® Early Years Download
TYR Anamix® Next Download
TYR Lophlex® GMP Mix-In Download
UCD Anamix® Infant Download
UCD Anamix® Junior Download
Essential Amino Acid Mix Download




Essential Amino Acid Mix Download
Liquigen Download
Monogen Download
Phlexy-Vits Download

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