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Through the Nutricia Connect program, our goal is to provide families like yours with support at various stages of life’s journey. We have a collection of resources available to help answer questions, overcome challenges, and support your metabolic diet goals along the way.

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Whether you are new to metabolic disorders, need help, or are looking for new ideas, we are here to lend a helping hand.

Formula Coverage Support

Obtaining formula coverage can be a frustrating process. As part of our Nutricia Connect program, we offer Nutricia Navigator, a free service available to help guide you through the world of formula coverage from start to finish.

Low Pro Living Blog – Diet Management Tips

We are with you every step of the way! Our toolbox of helpful tips and resources will help answer questions and overcome challenges to support developmental, nutritional and diet goals.

Low Protein Recipes

Get inspired and get in the kitchen with our low protein recipes. Many include helpful videos to show you how it’s done and share helpful cooking tips.

Education on your specific disorder

For New Families and Children

Understanding a metabolic condition is the first step on your journey but not always an easy process. During what can be an overwhelming time, we offer you a series of tools to better understand your metabolic disorder.

Support for Adults

It is not uncommon for some people to have difficulty remaining on their low protein diet at certain stages of life. However, not following your medical diet as a teen or adult can have negative effects.
Returning to your low protein diet is beneficial at any age. Nutricia is here to offer support and education to help those who may be struggling or may be ready to return to their medical diet.

Best-in-class Formula options

Nutricia offers a diverse portfolio of products to help you manage your metabolic diet.

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Remember, always consult an experienced healthcare professional for the management of all metabolic disorders.

Support For Your Whole Family

Coverage Support