PKU Doesn’t Slow Down the Mullen boys

Brady and Quinn drink PhenylAde® GMP Drink Mix and start owning their PKU diets

Do you remember the moment you got the call about your child having an inborn error of metabolism?

In this video, Allyson Mullen shares her heartfelt story about that moment. Her sons Brady and Quinn received classical Phenylketonuria (PKU) diagnoses, which scared Allyson at first. Allyson opens up about what she’s learned as a parent and how Brady and Quinn have started taking on responsibility for their PKU management.

Allyson also shares why the Mullen family made the move to PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix for the boys’ PKU formula. Spoiler Alert: Brady actually called this formula “delicious,” and mom Allyson loves it because the formula contains glycomacropeptide (GMP). GMP is made from a whole protein source, and Nutricia’s PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix has a creamy, mild vanilla flavor with a smooth drinkable texture. It is also available in an original plain flavor.

Watch now to hear more about Allyson Mullen’s proud moments and why her boys love PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix.

Brady and Quinn Mullen made the move to PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix for their PKU formula.

Will your family give it a try?

PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix is a medical food for the dietary management of proven Phenylketonuria (PKU) and must be used under medical supervision.

Always consult a metabolic healthcare professional prior to making any diet changes.

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