A Message to All Women With PKU Considering a Future Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Julia and I have PKU. I want to take a moment and urge young women who are contemplating pregnancy to talk with their healthcare provider.  Getting levels under control prior to pregnancy is of the utmost importance to the health of your future child.  Having a good pregnancy starts with finding a PKU formula you like to drink.

I found PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA from Nutricia to be a great option because of its taste, versatility and a full panel of nutrients.

Nutricia is very supportive of women who are interested in becoming pregnant.  Your clinic can request a Maternal PKU Kit (see below) which includes this booklet about PKU & Pregnancy.   

They are also generous with samples so visit them online at NutriciaMetabolcis.com and request some samples so you can find a formula you love.

Once you get your baby in your arms you will realize it was all worth it.

Contact your metabolic clinic today to request a maternal starter kit from Nutricia.

Check out our PKU & Pregnancy blog series, starting with PKU & Pregnancy: What to Expect.

Brought to you by Nutricia North America.

PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA is a medical food for the dietary management of proven phenylketonuria (PKU) and must be used under medical supervision. Always contact your healthcare provider before making any changes to your PKU diet.   

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