Did You Know Drinking PKU Formula Isn’t Your Only Option?

There is another option to help get the daily PKU formula you need.* Nutricia is proud to offer PKU formula in tablet form.

  • Phlexy-10 Tablets are a discreet and convenient way to take your formula
  • Use in addition to your current formula to help reduce the amount you need to drink
  • 12 tablets = 10 g of protein equivalents
  • May be used as your main PKU formula instead of drinking PKU formula*

10 Reasons to Use Phlexy-10 Tablets For PKU

  1. Help meet your total daily formula intake, by taking tablets to replace that last serving of formula that you may be already skipping
  2. Convenient to take when drinking formula is not, like before sports practice or other after-school activities
  3. Tablets won’t cause your locker or work area to smell like formula
  4. Lightweight source of protein equivalent when hiking or camping
  5. A way to take PKU formula when you just don’t want to drink it
  6. Prevents having to explain about your “special drink” in social settings
  7. Keep in your purse or back-pack for times you forget your formula at home
  8. Easy to take while traveling away from home for long periods of time…on the plane, train, ship and more
  9. No messy liquid spills in your bag or locker
  10. A quick and easy source of phenylalanine-free protein you can take just about ANYWHERE!

Want to learn more about Phlexy-10 Tablets or give it a try? Check out our Phlexy-10 Tablets product information page.

What Will Be Your Top Reason to Try PKU Formula in Tablet Form?

*Always talk to your metabolic healthcare professional prior to making any changes to your PKU diet.

Phlexy-10 Tablets are a phenylalanine-free medical food in tablet form, containing a mix of essential and non-essential amino acids and small amounts of carbohydrate and fat. For the dietary management of proven phenylketonuria (PKU). Suitable for individuals over 8 years of age, including pregnant women and women of childbearing age. Must be used under medical supervision. Does not contain vitamins and minerals; must be combined with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement when taken as the primary source of PKU medical food.

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