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Glycomacropeptide, or GMP for short, is derived from a whole protein in milk during the cheese making process. It is naturally low in phenylalanine (PHE) and tyrosine (TYR), and with the addition of certain amino acids, it makes a suitable source of protein for those with phenylketonuria (PKU) or tyrosinemia (TYR).

In this blog post, we will tell you about the different GMP-based formula options Nutricia has available. This quick reference guide can be useful when speaking with your metabolic dietitian about which formula is right for you or your child. If you’re interested in learning more about GMP, check out our blog post, What is GMP?”.

GMP-based formulas can be used for children, teens and adults, are known for their mild taste, and may aid in feelings of fullness. Our GMP-based PKU formulas are available in a variety of forms and flavors as shown below.

PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA for PKU

PhenylAde GMP Ultra boxes
  • Available in 20 g protein equivalent (PE) pouches with your choice of lemonade or vanilla flavors
  • One pouch mixes with just 6 fl oz
  • Fewer calories per gram of protein can help provide diet flexibility and body weight management for teens and adults
  • Provides a complete blend of vitamins and minerals, with high levels of calcium and vitamin D per pouch to help support strong bones and teeth

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PhenylAde GMP ULTRA is a lower calorie formula option and contains over 50% fewer calories than PhenylAde Essential, PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix or PhenylAde Ready.

PhenylAde® GMP READY for PKU

Hand holding GMP-Ready  boxes
  • Available in a 10 g PE ready-to-drink carton which means no mixing
  • Enjoyable, neutral flavor with a smooth texture for easy drinking
  • Convenient, ready-to-drink during school lunch, at work or anywhere on-the-go
  • The only ready-to-drink PKU formula with GMP to provide both DHA & EPA, omega-3 fatty acids often missing from a typical PKU diet
  • Excellent source of both calcium and vitamin D, two nutrients that help build and maintain strong bones and teeth

Find out how PhenylAde GMP READY helped Rene return to diet.

PhenylAde® GMP Drink Mix for PKU

  • Available in your choice of vanilla or plain flavors
  • Contains DHA, a nutrient often lacking in the PKU diet
  • Complete with essential vitamins and minerals

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PhenylAde® GMP Mix-In for PKU

  • Available in single-serve pouches or cans with enclosed scoop
  • The most flexible source of GMP-based PKU protein
  • Virtually tasteless and odorless allowing you to create a custom PKU formula
  • Provides 42 calories in each 10 g PE serving
  • Does not contain added vitamins and minerals

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    PhenylAde GMP ULTRA, PhenylAde GMP READY, PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix, and PhenylAde GMP Mix-In are medical foods for the dietary management of phenylketonuria (PKU) and must be used under medical supervision. Always consult your metabolic healthcare team with questions about you or your child’s diet or condition management.

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