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Nutricia is proud to launch our newly redesigned website, formerly known as has been rebuilt with you in mind. Our aim is to provide the Metabolic community with support from the littlest moments in life to the biggest ones. Here are a few ways how we hope to support and inspire you through our new online home.

Low Protein Recipes

We are excited to announce the addition of over 20 new low protein recipe videos and cooking tips to our growing online recipe collection. Together with Chef Natalie, we created some fun and creative recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Our new site allows you to search for recipes by category or simply by typing in the ingredient you want to use. Each recipe is displayed in an easy-to-follow format and provides the ingredients you need, as well as nutrition information. Explore our new recipes and start cooking!

Metabolic Disorder Education & Support

Understanding your metabolic disorder and the importance of a low protein diet is not always easy. We’ve created easy-to-read learning tools and resources for all ages such as:

  • New families: Our TEMPLE (Tools Enabling Metabolic Parents Learning) series of books and videos are available to help you understand and learn more. Available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.
  • School years: Our PKU education series includes various low protein diet-related topics to not only help people with PKU understand more, but also to help grandparents, babysitters, teachers and others learn more. Available in 2 languages.
  • Maternal PKU: As you work closely with your metabolic clinic for guidance on your diet and PHE levels, we can share a few tips and an inspiring story to help you stay positive throughout your journey.
  • Adults: If you are struggling to stay on diet or want to return to your medical diet, we can help connect you with clinics in your area, provide formula samples to help you find what you enjoy, and more.

These resources and many more have been organized on per disorder so you can easily find what you need. The new site design also allows you to easily share these resources to help teach family, friends, school staff or others. 

Low Pro Living Blog

Our low pro living blog is your home for low protein diet support, answers, inspiration and more! From the littlest moments in life to the biggest, you will find related education, tips, guidance from those who’ve experienced the same, stories, and creative ideas to help you stay positive, overcome your challenges and ease your worry. Start reading and watching now!

Low Protein Foods

Did you know? Nutricia has a variety of low protein foods available to purchase online at Find the Loprofin brand pastas, and baking and drink mixes used for everyday cooking and more! Our convenient online shop and easy ordering process is on Take a look, we’re always open!

Low Protein foods packaging

Finding the Best Formula for You

Looking for a PKU, MSUD, GA-1 or other metabolic formula that taste delicious? You found the best place for a wide variety of metabolic formulas with flexible options and many different flavors to choose from. With our redesigned site, you can quickly find our available formulas, organized per disorder in a friendly layout with easy-to-find product features, flavor options and useful resources.

Find a formula you might want to try? No problem, requesting a sample online is super easy, we will take care of checking with your metabolic clinician to make sure it’s the right formula for you as well. Your favorite formula is waiting, get a sample now! 

Formula Coverage Assistance

Nutricia Navigator logo

Obtaining formula coverage can be a frustrating and difficult process. Our Nutricia Navigator program is here to help. Navigator is a free assistance program available to help guide you through the complexities of insurance coverage from start to finish. Navigator will give you personalized one-on-one help by contacting your health insurance plan to determine coverage, provide billing error support and much more. We will stand by your side until all of your formula coverage questions have been answered. Learn more and get started!

We are committed and look forward to continuing to share and provide you with more recipes, support, and formula choices. Stay connected with us by signing-up through Nutricia Connect and we’ll make sure you are one of the first to know!

Always consult your metabolic healthcare professional prior to making any changes to your diet.

Loprofin products are medical foods in the US. These products are used for the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders and other conditions requiring a low protein diet and must be used under medical supervision.

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