Rachel Powers, RD

Rachel Powers is a registered dietitian (RD) who joined Nutricia North America in 2019. Prior to her start with Nutricia, Rachel worked as a metabolic dietitian in Texas, counseling patients and families about managing inborn errors of metabolism. She continues to play an active role in the metabolic community.

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bookshelf with books and toys at daycare

Sending Your Child to Daycare with a Special Diet

When your child has a metabolic disorder, the idea of daycare can feel stressful and overwhelming. Rest assured that young children with metabolic disorders go to daycare every day and receive excellent care! A child with a special diet is nothing new to daycare centers nowadays. Daycares typically have protocols in place to ensure your …

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Baby Eating

Introducing solid foods to your baby

Always consult your metabolic healthcare professional before introducing new foods or making any changes to your child’s diet. Introducing solids is an exciting time in your baby’s development, but it may come with some anxiety for you. That’s completely normal! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) currently recommends gradually introducing solid foods when a baby is …

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