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Cheesy Jalapeño Cornbread

Looking for a bread with a little extra kick?

Loprofin Bagels

Who doesn’t love a bagel? Now you can bake your own low protein bagels at home.


These low protein tortillas are easy to make and can be used in many different ways. Create a salad roll-up, quesadilla or a delicious fajita.


This flat style bread is a perfect addition to an Indian-inspired low protein meal. It can also be used as the base of a homemade pizza.

Pancakes with Mixed Berries

Breakfast made easy (and delicious) with this simple pancake recipe. It is a breakfast that cannot be beat.

Loprofin Cheese Biscuits

Here is a perfect side to go with a nice garden salad or pasta dish. They are easy to make and are so good!


The smell of fresh gingerbread baking will fill your home and have everyone craving gingerbread. It's perfect any time of the year.

Cinnamon Chip Muffins

For all cinnamon lovers, here’s a quick and easy recipe just for you. Pop one in your bag on your way out the door for a delicious breakfast.

Garlic Bread

A traditional dish in Tuscany, similar to garlic bread, originally associated with the month of November and olive harvest.

Basic Bread

Who knew baking low protein bread could be this easy. Make fresh rolls or bake a loaf for sliced bread at home.

Banana Bread

This bread is so easy to make and is bursting with banana flavor.

Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Muffins

When you find yourself making the same thing over and over, give these cinnamon-sugar apple muffins a try.

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