Boo! A Simple Low Protein Halloween Treat

A not-so-spooky recipe for gatherings and parties this season

Halloween treats with pumpkin and cat decorations

Happy October! Halloween will be here in a flash, and our team at Nutricia wants to share with you and your family a simple low protein Halloween snack: Marshmallow Crispy Treats made with our Loprofin Loops!

Loprofin Loops box
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With a delicious base recipe and endless decoration possibilities, this treat is ideal for Halloween gatherings and trick-or-treat parties where you and your family would like to include a low protein option.

Click here for our low protein cereal marshmallow treat recipe and nutrition information. These treats are frighteningly simple to make because the recipe calls for just 3 ingredients! As an added bonus, the recipe is ready in a matter of minutes.

With the base recipe complete, add some Halloween flair:

Treat with candy eyes

Candy eyes

Candy eyes were purchased at a party store and contain 0 g protein per 1 tsp serving size, per Nutritional Facts label on the back of the package.

Treat with cupcake topper

Cupcake toppers

You can also insert Halloween cupcake toppers into the squares if you don’t want to add any additional food ingredients to the treats. Themed cupcake toppers can be found in party stores and even grocery stores during this season.

Treats with paper decorations

Paper decorations

Lastly, adding simple paper decorations to your plate is another easy way to get into the Halloween spirit:

For more Halloween inspired treats, check out our Candy Corn Cupcakes and Graveyard Brownies recipes! Enjoy, and Happy Halloween to you and yours from the Nutricia team!

Loprofin brand cereal Loops is a medical food for the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders, renal or liver failure requiring a low protein diet, and other medical conditions where a low protein diet is indicated. Must be used under medical supervision.
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