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After an afternoon of shopping for all new teal colored outfits for my daughter, I came home to a very upset little girl. Somehow, I missed when her favorite color changed from teal to blue. I also seemed to have missed when she stopped liking apples for a snack. I ended up eating a lot of apples that week! Being a mom has taught me many things, one is how often little minds can change in such little time.

A mix of dried pasta jumbled together

However, something that hasn’t changed is my daughter’s love for pasta! We are an Italian family so I can’t say that I’m too surprised. I’m still waiting on a love of vegetables to come. In the meantime, I decided to try and bring more variety and healthy nutrition into her diet by altering her pasta dishes instead of moving her away from her favorite food. Here are some ideas with a few easy alternatives that could work with a low protein diet as well.

Cooking tips for adding vegetables to your low protein pasta dishes

Pureed vegetables mixed in with tomato sauce over pasta was a big win for us! We were able to get in a few vegetables, without my daughter noticing, and she loved it. She was often sent to school with a thermos full of pasta mixed with vegetable sauce and it worked out great. We have tried different varieties of carrots, celery, red bell pepper, onions, spinach, mushrooms and zucchini. The Loprofin Animal Pasta would be a great low protein replacement to regular pasta for younger kids.

We’ve also found that my daughter is much more likely to eat cooked vegetables instead of raw. Many kids have food texture sensitivities so raw vegetables can be a big turn-off. However, if you change the texture, kids might eat the vegetables without any issues. We added diced carrots and celery into vegetable broth and let it simmer until the carrots and celery were soft. We then broke spaghetti (use Loprofin Spaghetti to make it low protein) into smaller pieces and added it into the broth as well. It made a nice noodle soup that we all enjoyed.

A bin full of squash

Another idea is to make spaghetti out of zucchini or yellow squash with a spiralizer. At first, try adding a small amount of the squash noodles in with (Loprofin) spaghetti. Mix in the tomato and vegetable sauce and see how your child likes it. If it’s a go, next time, you can add more squash and decrease the spaghetti for an easy way to get more veggies into your child’s diet.

Mom and daughter being silly putting flour ron each other's nose in a kitchen

Additionally, we enjoy “cauliflower raviolis,” not just because of the vegetable alternative, but also because my daughter enjoys helping me make them. We mash cooked cauliflower with a little olive oil or butter, salt and pepper. We use cooked lasagna noodles and cut them into squares, add a spoonful of the mashed cauliflower on top, and then cover the cauliflower with a second noodle square. Using a fork, we press the sides of the noodle squares together, making a delicious cauliflower ravioli! Regular lasagna can easily be replaced with Loprofin Lasagna for a low protein option.

Although I expect to see many more changes to what my daughter prefers, I haven’t stopped collecting new ideas of adding variety and nutrients to her love of pasta!

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Piles of dry Loprofin pasta spread out on table (animal, fusilli, tagliatelle, lasagne, macaroni, penne, spaghetti)

Always consult your metabolic healthcare professional before introducing new foods or making any changes to your child’s diet.

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